“Wow, it’s an Indian lady”

Reaction Rani Mukerji is targeting from global audience: 'Wow, this is an Indian woman'

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“In my lifetime, I can only be a queen but through my characters, I can live as many different Indian women,” says Rani Mukerji, whose latest release Mrs. Chatterjee v. Norway stars the actor as an immigrant mother who is engaged in a long-standing battle with a country.

Mukherjee, whose credits include films such as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Hum Tum Black And this manly The series, said that the endeavor has always been to highlight the different aspects of Indian women.

“For me, it is very important to portray Indian women beautifully to a global audience that whether the audience in the global arena sees an Indian film with me, they see an Indian female character, and one should say, ‘Wow! An Indian woman,” he told PTI in an interview here.

As an artist, Mukherjee said that it is important for him to “look and root” for his characters.

“In my lifetime, I can only be a queen but through my character, I can live as many different Indian women (on screen).

“Like, I can be from Tina something happensfrom Naina Mathur hiccupsfrom Shivani Shivaji Roy manlyfrom Mrs. Chatterjee Mrs. Chatterjee v. Norwayfrom Riya hum youfrom shashi Youthfrom michelle Blackfrom vimmi Bunty and Babli, So, there are a lot of characters that I get to play.”

An Indian woman is a mix of many things, but the Mumbai-born star says she would like to define her as loving, caring and brave.

“It is important for me to bring Indian women beautifully on screen because I am an Indian woman. I think Indian women are the best in the world because they are passionate, kind. They are really beautiful from inside. They are very giving. Are.” They are also forgiving, and they are brave. And if they are given a choice, they are willing to make sacrifices.”

in his latest release Mrs. Chatterjee v. Norway, Mukherjee brings to light the story of Debika, an immigrant mother who fights against all odds to regain custody of her children. Directed by Ashima Chhibber, the film is based on the true story of NRI couple Sagarika and Anoot Bhattacharya’s 2011 encounter.

In May 2011 Sagarika’s children were taken under protective care by Child Welfare Services Barnevarn in Norway on the grounds of “emotional alienation” with the parents, and were placed in the care of foster parents as directed by the local Norwegian court. Was placed. She met her children after two years of legal battle.

Describing Sagarika as a superhero, the 44-year-old actor said he was inspired by her determination and never-give-up attitude. “It’s a journey of a mother, determination, that she doesn’t give up because of the love she has for her children. It’s one of the bravest superhero stories I’ve heard you fight against the country, you fight against your husband fight with.” But you don’t give up because you believe you haven’t done anything wrong and you want your kids back.” Mukherjee said she recounted the real-life incident before reading the script of Nikkhil Advani’s Emma Entertainment and Zee Studios-produced film. Was unaware of

“It was shocking because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Once they told me the synopsis, I was like, ‘Are you serious? This can’t be true’. I Googled it and realized did that it was a matter of 2011,” she said.

After reading about Sagarika’s case which has made headlines in India, the actor said the story needed to be told.

“The Indian media was covering this matter extensively. There were talks about it in Parliament, the Government of India was involved, so I thought, ‘How come this didn’t reach us?’. Many people like me Has not done this.” I don’t know about it. I thought I have to do this film to raise awareness. And this story deserves a movie.

She said, “I am hoping that if this film does well at the box office and more people in India and abroad watch it, they will understand that these things are happening around us. So, if any wrongdoing is happening , then he is being pulled over.” ,

Mukherjee also talked about the growing presence of Indian cinema on the global stage with Indian productions such as RRR And elephant whispering Bringing home two Oscar trophies.

“It is a matter of great pride and great time where it motivates every Indian professional to work hard to achieve that dream. And, the dream is getting closer because when your colleagues get it, you Guess it’s not that far off. So, that’s great,” she said.

earlier this week, grandson grandsonFoot-Tapping Hit Telugu Track RRRAnd elephant whispering won Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Documentary Short, respectively.

Mrs. Chatterjee v. NorwayAnirban Bhattacharya, starring Jim Sarbh and Neena Gupta, is slated to release on Friday.

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