When asked about ex-wife Reena Roy, Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan said- “I have no regrets”.

When asked about ex-wife Reena Roy, Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan said- 'I have no regrets'

A file photo of Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy. (courtesy: retrobollywood)

New Delhi:

Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan says he has no regrets about marrying Bollywood actor and his ex-wife Reena Roy. The cricketer recently spoke about his and Reena Roy’s divorce in an interview. Mohsin Khan married Reena Roy in 1983 and they got divorced a few years later in the 90s. They have a daughter together named Sanam. In an interview with Zee Sports Network, Mohsin Khan was asked if he had any regrets for marrying Reena Roy, to which Mohsin Khan replied, “I have no regrets. I married a man, I didn’t see who she was or where she was from. Ultimately, I had decided that I wanted to live in Pakistan. Even though I had gone to England to play, I wanted to live in Pakistan.”

During the interview, the 68-year-old said, “I never saw any of his films before my marriage, I swear to God, nobody believes it. I don’t, I rarely watch. If I Leaving home and going there Amitabh Bachchan’s scene was playing, I would probably stop and watch, that too for a few minutes. But otherwise, I have never seen films. And I have never been impressed by beauty, I am a good person Liked it.”

Apart from cricket, Mohsin Khan also acted in a few films, which include Batwara, Fateh, Guilty Who, Retribution, Madam X And Fellow,

Reena Roy started her acting career at the age of 15 with the 1972 film need, acted in films like Kalicharan, Apnapan, Vishwanath, 1976 film Naagin, Apnapan, Zakhmi, Jani Dushman, Asha, Arpan, Asha Jyoti, Naseeb And My love I swear this on you among many others.


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