WATCH: Tasty Diet Chaat Recipe With Loads Of Protein And No Calories

Planning a weight loss diet can be difficult, let alone sticking to it. But with the right guidance and ideal recipes, you can make your diet interesting and easy to follow. While choosing foods and recipes for our meals, we tend to ignore the snacking time and it is this meal that suffers the most and throws us off our routine. In a hurry, we gobble up whatever is available at the counter, and there our diet goes down the drain. But if you are determined to eat healthy all day long, then we have just the snack recipe to whet your appetite and hunger in the evening. Craving for a lick? have this? Want to eat healthy? Eat this chaat!

Is chaat good for weight loss?

We combine taste and health in this chaat recipe, which is also packed with nutrients. But, isn’t chaat considered unhealthy? Yes and no Most chaat is unhealthy, yet not all need to be. This Makhana Chaat is low in calories and high in taste. You get a lip-smacking snack for your weight loss diet. Perfect, isn’t it?

The recipe of Diet Makhana Chaat has been shared by dietician Natasha Mohan on her Instagram handle. She posted a video of making the chaat and the recipe looks simple enough. Low-cal makhanas combine with protein-rich sprouts and other healthy ingredients to make a filling snack. Let’s see the recipe.

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Low-Cal Snack for Weight Loss: Healthy Makhana Chaat Recipe

First of all, fry a bowl of Makhana in ghee. Put them back in the bowl and add some green moong dal and chopped onions. Mix well and add about two tablespoons of curd. Curd adds moisture and freshness to the chaat. Also add pomegranate, green chilies and green coriander and add cumin powder, salt as per taste and degi chili. Mix well and enjoy.

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Are you not ready to try this unique chaat and lose a few kilos? We definitely are. So, give it a try today and start your weight loss journey on a delicious note.

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