Watch: Learn How To Make A Year-Round Supply Of Raw Aam Panna

This summer is all about cool and refreshing drinks to beat the scorching heat. Whether it’s hydrating coconut water, lip-smacking lemonade or raw aam panna, the season becomes instantly more fun with these drinks. Aam Panna, in particular, is very popular this time of year because it is made with our favorite summer fruit. Raw mango, which is called ‘Kachhi Kairi’ in Hindi, is used to make this special drink of pickle, aam papad and aam panna. If you also enjoy Aam Panna Sharbat every summer, then this time we are going to make it special. How? read on.

We’ve got a recipe that will make you continue to enjoy aam panna even after summer is over. This recipe posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ shows how to make aam panna concentrated mix that you can store for up to a year!

As you already know, aam panna is loaded with calcium, iron and immunity-boosting vitamin C, so treat your taste buds while maintaining your health with this sorbet. Plus, Aam Panna Sharbat gives you tons of energy to stay active throughout the season.

Usually people boil raw mangoes to prepare recipes like aam panna or aam sorbet. But they get spoiled quickly. If you steam mangoes, dishes made with their pulp last a long time, up to a year!

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Ram Aam is used to make many delicious dishes.
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Method for making Raw Mango Panna and Raw Mango Syrup:

Take about 4 raw mangoes. Cut off their tops and steam in an idli maker for about 15 minutes. You can also steam in a cooker or a pan. You will see that the green mangoes are turning yellow and also getting soft. Cut the mango and collect its pulp. Now put the pulp in a mixer grinder, add roasted cumin powder, black pepper powder, black salt and a little plain salt. Also, some cardamom powder can also be added to enhance the flavor of the sherbet. Grind to make a paste. Then add some mint leaves and churn the mixer again.

Now to make syrup, first of all take some sugar candy. Crush all the sugar candy and make powder. Now boil sugar candy powder in water and make sugar syrup. also, add raw mango pulp mixture. Keep stirring to cook. You can also add green food color to make it more attractive. After the sherbet thickens, turn off the gas and add lemon juice to it. When the sherbet cools down, store it in a glass jar. You can store it for one year.

Now whenever you want to make aam panna sherbet, take 2 tbsp of the mixture in a glass and fill it with water and ice. enjoy!

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Watch the full recipe video of Kachhi Kairi Aam Panna here:


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