Waiting for whom? This Giant Couscous Dish Made in Libya Weighs 5,500 Pounds

Thanks to technological advancements and the rapid pace of globalization, we now have access to some of the most popular cuisines from around the world. Italian dishes like pasta and even Japanese sushi have now become commonplace for our palates and our eating experiences. Couscous is also a popular component of Mediterranean cuisine, originally consisting of steamed semolina or wheat groats. It is lightly cooked and combined with vegetables, meat and spices to make a wholesome and filling meal. Most recently, Libya celebrated its national staple by making a giant couscous dish. To keep an eye:

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The incident took place on Friday, March 10, in the Libyan city of Sabratha. People from across the country gather to celebrate the humble dish in ‘Couscous Day’ festivities in the city. The organizers made a colossal dish of couscous weighing 5,500 pounds or 2495 kg. “Couscous is very popular in the neighborhood I come from. It’s cooked with onions and cloves and you can smell it from afar,” Ahlam Fakhri al-Aradai, a Libyan festival participant, told Reuters. “We are very happy with this celebration and this festival,” he said.

The Giant Couscous was part of the third Couscous Day celebration, an annual event to celebrate Libya’s main dish. Once the program was over, it was distributed among the hundreds of attendees. Khaled Zarti, a resident, told Reuters: “The couscous with onions, its meat and its greens is excellent. I hope they make it every year.” The organizers and sponsors of the Couscous Day event said that they have also been able to break the world record for the largest dish, according to the Libyan Herald.

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