‘Used to play tennis-ball cricket with gangsters’, Virender Sehwag on life before India selection

Virender Sehwag in a podcast interview on The Ranveer Show (TRS) shared about his early days of tennis ball cricket. He talked about his residential area in Delhi, Najafgarh, and shared that he used to play cricket with gangsters, and some of them were killed in crime.

“Do you know why Najafgarh was famous? Whenever you open the newspaper for gangsters, you will see headlines related to murder, theft etc. in Najafgarh. Sehwag said, there were many villages around our area from where famous gangsters used to come and around 100 people were killed in the gang war.

He said that he used to play tennis ball cricket with the gangsters without actually knowing who they were.

“We did not know that they were gangsters. They were of our age, and it was as if they were playing with us in the evening and their bodies were discovered in the morning, as they were involved in many crimes with many gangs,” Sehwag added in the interview with TRS.

The veteran cricketer shared that he was scared then and tried to filter out people while playing. “We have stopped entertaining outsiders because we don’t know their background, someone must be playing us and the police might mistake us for gangsters or something,” he said.

Sehwag had to deliberately separate himself from such children and choose a different path, the path of cricket, and then after playing for India, he got the badge of “Nawab of Najafgarh”. photo of najafgarh

Asked if this was the reason for his aggressive batting, Sehwag laughed and said, “If I had known they were gangsters, I would have avoided them, and I don’t always judge a person by how he behaves.” doing.” with me. I tend to take it more at face value and people abuse it too, but that’s how I am.”

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