US conservation agency is seeking ‘professional bear huggers’ for new job opening

US conservation agency is seeking 'professional bear huggers' for new job opening

The last date to apply for the Bare Hugger role is March 30.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, a wildlife conservation agency in the US, has gone viral with its post for a unique job opening. On Monday, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish said it was hiring conservation officers, or “professional bear huggers.”

The job posting on social media by the department said applicants must have the ability to rise in tough situations and have the courage to crawl into a bear den.

“Not all law enforcement field work is glamorous, but we would love to have you on a team where you can bring a lifetime of experience,” the agency wrote on Facebook promoting the unique career opportunity. Some photographs of the conservation officials hibernating the black bear cubs after shifting them to their snowy den were also shared with the post.

View the post here:

The agency stressed that it did not recommend bears crawling into homes, noting that the photos posted were part of a research project in northern New Mexico. The job also includes educating the public about wildlife and management.

According to new york postJob applicants will need experience or education in natural resource conservation, biological sciences, or a similar field of study. The last date to apply for the Bare Hugger role is March 30.

”Protection Officer candidates must have a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team in remote locations throughout New Mexico. A sense of adventure is a must!”, said an agency spokesperson.Fox News,

New Mexico is home to a significant black bear population and the state established laws to protect the animals in 1972.

“The ‘Professional Bear Hugger’ posted on social media is actually a reference to our conservation officers who recently assisted with a bear research project in northern New Mexico,” the spokesperson continued. The research project is studying the bear’s movements and population dynamics. New Mexico is now hiring Conservation Officers, so we wanted to share some of the great things they do in hopes of getting more interested and qualified applicants,” the spokesperson said.

Various comments came on this post from social media users. One user said, ‘I need to know what is research? And why do these lucky conservation officers get to hug these cuties? Free.”


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