Two new members join from beyond the current Board of Directors

New Microsoft leaders and marketplace experts will support Beyond Now’s continued global expansion, highlighting its growing US momentum

Dallas, TX and Dublin, Ireland – March 15 Beyond Now, a rapidly growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, today announced the appointment of Tracy Corzine and Kellan King to its Board of Directors. The two new appointees will join current members Ashley Haynes-Gaspar and Chris Gates, further diversifying the current composition of the board and furthering NOW’s continued momentum in the US market and globally.

Based in Washington State, Traci Corzine has spent more than two decades in high technology with both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) working in commercial, public sector sales and business development positions, all of which have driven improved results. has deepened his passion for Technology in a global environment. Tracy currently heads a multi-billion dollar global strategic account operations unit for Microsoft Corp. as General Manager, Northeast Region, Strategic Accounts. In this role, she works closely with Fortune 100 clients who seek to transform and digitally innovate their organizations. , Traci is also active in the autism community, serving as chair of the board of directors of the Academy of Precision Education, while working to support the efforts of several non-profit charities to seed technology in special education classrooms. Traci holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Oregon and an MBA from MIT.

“I have always found helping customers realize their potential through the use of connective technology very inspiring. It is a pleasure to join the Board of Directors of Beyond Now. I look forward to working with this talented group of inclusive and dynamic leaders to co-create with our customers and partners, delivering best-in-class scale solutions at speed,” said Tracy Corzine, Microsoft Corp. he said.

Based in Dublin, Kellen King is a market penetration and scaling specialist for digital and technology companies. A former CEO and founder of, a profitable B2C healthcare marketplace, Callen works with a range of Irish, European and US companies looking to expand beyond their respective sectors and helps them build their management teams. define the markets and their routes. strategy. Prior to WhatClinic, Caelen was part of the founding team and ran the product and marketing department for NewBay Software (a B2B SaaS company in the telco space), which was sold to RIM. Previously, he was one of the first employees of eSecurity company Baltimore Technology. Kellen is also an active angel investor with 16 technology investments including SaaS Unicorn Intercom.

“I look forward to bringing my experience on the boards of other SaaS companies including xSellco, WhatClinic, Circit and Procurement Express and becoming part of a dynamic organization that is making great strides in the marketplace space. What Beyond Now is doing, especially for the leading digital marketplace in the SMB space, is very inspiring. I am excited to bring my expertise as an angel investor to the table to help the company grow and reach new heights.”

In collaboration with Ashley and Chris, Traci and Kellen will focus on accelerating Beyond Now’s global expansion, entering new verticals, and increasing its growth momentum in North America. Since its spin-off from BearingPoint, Beyond Now has grown its international client base. Beyond Now is also expanding its collaborations with technology leaders such as Google, Microsoft and AWS.

“As a newly independent company, we are incredibly proud to see the growth of our remit and continue to expand our board, which now includes backgrounds in CSP, start-up, marketplace, hyperscaler, infrastructure innovation and sustainability arenas,” said Angus Ward, CEO of Beyond Now. “Tracey and Kellen will bring expert knowledge to this group and are ideal candidates to build out our team and support our technology growth.”

Beyond NOW’s digital business platform, marketplace and SaaS, BSS enables organizations to grow more rapidly with its ecosystem of partners, co-creating and monetizing new services at scale. Companies across multiple sectors can use Beyond Now’s platform to monetize new technologies such as edge, IoT, AI, 5G and more, helping to drive higher efficiency and automation, and to be more competitive in the face becomes agile.

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About Beyond Now
Beyond Now is a rapidly growing ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, empowering organizations to rapidly launch new services and grow revenue using our digital platforms, digital marketplaces and SaaS BSS.

Our platforms are designed to help our customers experiment, monetize and orchestrate services while leveraging new technologies such as cloud, edge, IoT, AI, 5G and more. We enable them to create solutions together with a growing network of partners; Bringing them closer to their customers, helping them drive higher efficiency and automation, taking them faster, now beyond.

We serve clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas in industries spanning from telecommunications, media and entertainment to technology and IT, financial and automotive.

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