Traffic sentinels plan to make a comeback in Goa, but only for cops. goa news

Panaji: The state government is ready to bring back traffic watchdog plan From April, but with a twist. Instead of citizen participation and monetary rewards, now only police personnel will be allowed to photograph and report violators. Instead of cash prizes, they will be given five-star stays and other gift vouchers to be provided under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
DGP Jaspal Singh said, “We are preparing a new traffic sentinel scheme for policemen and it will probably be implemented from April.” “We are finalizing the plan with utmost care so that the police do not invite criticism.”
Traffic SP Bossuet Silva said that initially the public will not be allowed to participate in the scheme, but later it is likely to be allowed. Silva said at first some people engaged employees to pose for photos for cash prizes. “It will not be allowed this time,” he said.
Explaining how CSR would be used in the scheme, Silva said, “We will involve hotels, establishments and industries, among others, to reward police personnel under CSR for the new traffic watchdog scheme.” He said that the police is already talking to hotels and other industries in this regard.
Violations to be reported under the scheme include driving against the flow of traffic, parking on footpath or zebra crossing, triple-seat riding, improper number plate, driving without seatbelt, riding without helmet, using a vehicle with tinted glasses , including using the phone while riding. or driving, red light jumping and dangerous driving.
In January 2021, the original traffic watchdog scheme, in which citizens could report road violations to the police, was scrapped by the state cabinet. The plan offered financial rewards to citizens who reported violations. CM Pramod Sawant had said that “some people started it as a business” so this scheme was closed.
The scheme was launched in 2017 to reduce traffic violations and encourage community policing with active participation of citizens. “Sentinels” had to enroll on an app and then report violations, which earned them points. A certain number of points entitles the Sentinel to a cash incentive.


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