This continuity will remain in TCS despite leadership change

TCS CEO-designate K.  Kritivasan.  file

TCS CEO-designate K. Kritivasan. file | Photo credit: The Hindu

Business strategy at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) will continue despite a leadership change at India’s largest technology company, with CEO-designate K. Krithivasan said at a press conference on March 17.

“The strategy will continue. We have some basic set up prices and we will rework what we have to do in the next six months,” Mr. Krithivasan said.

On Thursday evening, TCS announced that Rajesh Gopinathan, its MD and CEO for six years and a 35-year company veteran, has resigned and its BFSI head Mr. Krithivasan will replace Mr. Gopinathan after September 2023.

Mr. Krithivasan, who said he would be relocating from Chennai to Mumbai to lead the company, focused on the emerging opportunities that the company can capitalize on during these challenging times rather than the number of challenges they face.

Mr. Gopinathan said that though he had earlier spoken to Speaker N.K. Chandrasekaran about stepping down one day, the idea of ​​moving on immediately came recently. “One day you wake up and decide it’s better to pull the trigger,” Mr. Gopinathan said of his decision to step down.

He said that it is appropriate to step down when the time is good and it was unfair for him to think about his future while working with TCS. “There is no better time to leave. This seat was given on the basis of working full time for the company and this seat is not for planning my own future,” he said at 52 after working for TCS for 28 years. On his decision to move on at the age of 15, he said that his priority now is to “make sure the transition is smooth.”

“Whatever time is required, I am there. I will be available for Kritivasan. He said he will take some time and then decide what to do. “There are many ideas. The trigger has been pulled and I am looking forward to some down time,” said Mr. Gopinathan, who never wrote his resume after leaving campus. ‘TCS is integral to who I am,’ he added. Has been and will remain.


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