Rhea Kapoor bites into a scrumptious burger and crispy fries

The burgers are unbelievably delicious. How many of you agree with this statement? According to the general description, it can be just a type of sandwich in which a vegetarian or meat patty is placed between buns, prepared with vegetables and sauce. But, for many this happiness is a feeling. The best part is that this food item is pocket friendly, satisfying and delicious. What more could you want to please your taste buds? For now, we have a burger update coming straight from Rhea Kapoor. Yep, while many of you are still waiting for the weekend to have a cheat meal, Rhea’s already got a “solid burger”. She shared a glimpse of the scrumptious burger cut in half. We could see the yummy filling inside. The burger also has sauce and cheese sandwiched between the buns. What’s more interesting? The treat is accompanied by quintessentially crispy and mouth-watering fries. Don’t forget to put that ketchup on his plate. He just added the text “Solid Burger”. See photo below.


Photo Credit: Instagram/ @rheakapoor

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You are now craving for burgers. Isn’t it? We have put together a list of drool-worthy burgers that you can make at home. If you’ve had enough junk food this week, it’s still worth trying these burgers. Cause? They come with a healthy twist. To keep an eye.

1. Lentil Mushroom Burger
This nutritious delight is not only delicious but healthy too. Made with the goodness of mushrooms and lentils, this burger is rich in protein. For guilt-free indulgence, you can use whole wheat buns instead of regular ones. recipe here.

2. Kodo Millet Burgers
Many health experts recommend including millets in your diet. This burger can be a great way to chomp down on Kodo Millet. Apart from being an alternative to rice and pulses, kodo millet is highly nutritious. Rich in protein, this delicious burger is a must try. Find the recipe here.

3. Black Bean Burgers with Hung Curd
To make it, you’ll need to use a mix of healthy black beans, seasonal vegetables, and a variety of homemade spices to form a nice patty. furthermore, prepare a hung curd mixture that is super tasty and creamy. last stage? Cut burger buns in half, spread hung curd mixture, and top with fresh lettuce and baby spinach. enjoy. Click here.

4. Chicken Burger
It gets ready in just half an hour. And, we are sure that chicken lovers will thoroughly enjoy this recipe. So, without waiting for long, make it at home and serve it with some crispy fries. recipe here.

5. Chicken Feta Cheese Burgers with Potato Salad
If burgers are your favorite food, here’s something you can try this weekend. This scrumptious burger tastes great served with a delicious salad of mustard sauce, lettuce and potatoes. Click here for the recipe.

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If you’re a hardcore burger lover, we hope your cheat meal is now settled.


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