Pilot grounded after eating gujiya in the cockpit of the aircraft, reaction on the internet

Holi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This year, Holi was celebrated on 8 March. The festival of colors also has many traditional sweets associated with it, and one of the most popular is Gujiya. Portions of the dough are stuffed with dry fruits, mawa and sugar to make a deep-fried pastry that is delicious in every way. Gujiya is undoubtedly one of the favorite Holi dishes, and the recent news is a testimony to the same. SpiceJet, a private Indian airline, grounded two of its pilots after they allegedly ate coffee and gujiyas inside the cockpit of the aircraft. To keep an eye:

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The incident took place on March 8 in a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Guwahati. The pilot’s hands are visible in the picture and he is sitting in the cockpit enjoying the Gujiya. Reports suggested that the click was taken when the aircraft was at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

The click went viral on Twitter and an investigation was launched. Till further enquiry, both the pilots were removed from the roster. Consumption of food inside the cockpit is strictly prohibited. A SpiceJet spokesperson said, “Both the pilots have been off-roster pending an inquiry.” SpiceJet has a strict policy for food consumption inside the cockpit, which is followed by all flight crew. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken once the investigation is complete.” ,

Internet users also shared their comments and reactions on this news. Some felt that it was irresponsible and dangerous for pilots to eat gujiyas while flying. Others said that the picture could be out of date and it would be better to do a proper investigation first.

Have a look at some of the reactions:

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