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MNR med students fight for verification of seats in Delhi

HYDERABAD: Around 20 post-graduate students of MNR Medical College in Telangana have camped outside the office of the National Medical Council (NMC) in Delhi, urging it to issue an official document stating that their seats are valid and completed. After doing that they will get a registration number. Syllabus.

These students are among those who were affected by the NMC’s move to cancel over 550 medical seats (UG and PG) in three colleges in Telangana for 2022 after the seat blocking scam came to light. While the students of the other two colleges – Mahaveer College and TRR Medical College – were shifted to other institutions, the MNR students approached the Telangana High Court on the issue.

While the court, later, asked them to attend classes, the students say this did not solve their problem. “The court also directed the NMC to issue a special order for restoration of recognition for PG courses for 2021-22 (when the seat blocking issue came to light) in accordance with the NMC Act, 2019. Since this has not happened We are worried that our degrees may not be considered valid after graduation,” said a protesting student.

Armed with placards: ‘PG doctors without valid seats since ten months’, ‘As per NMC act we want only one PG seat’, ‘NMC chairman please help us’ and ‘Save future of PG doctors’. These students have been camping at the venue for the last three days.

“The state government and the university have not responded to any of our letters and representations. Now we have missed the deadline to submit our thesis, and there is no way we can save this year. We want justice, said another PG student. MNR College is protesting in Delhi.

The students have also given representations to the Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, NMC and the state health secretary.


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