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Malayalam cinema is enriched by actors and technicians becoming producers

Nanpakkal Nerthu MayakkamLijo Jose Pellissery’s award winning film, produced by Mammootty and Lijo. was featured in new York Times List of top five international movies to watch.

Thank you, Streaming on Netflix, the film is produced by filmmaker and screenwriter Shyam Pushkaran, director-actor Dilish Pothan and actor Fahadh Faasil under their Bhavana Studios banner. erratais trending on Netflix, which has actor Joju George and director Martin Prakat as co-producers.

The list of Malayalam films produced by actors and eminent technicians is long and impressive. With a young brigade including thespians and technicians producing Malayalam films, many of which are box office hits or experimental films, there is no dearth of creativity in the Malayalam film industry.

Thankam is produced by Biju Menon and Vineeth Sreenivasan, actor Fahadh Faasil, director Dilish Pothan and actor Shyam Pushkaran for their banner Bhavana Studios

Biju Menon and Vineet Srinivasan Thank you, produced by actor Fahadh Faasil, director Dileesh Pothan and screenwriter Shyam Pushkaran for his banner Bhavana Studios. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Director-cinematographer Rajeev Ravi says it is a healthy trend as these professionals are aware of the ups and downs of the film industry and are not fly-by-night operators who make a film or two in mirrored glory or repackage films in the same way. Looks like a way to make quick money. “I would call the people behind Bhawna Studios – Syam-Dileesh-Fahadh – the creative producers. Creative producers, a Hollywood by-product, have found some space in the Hindi film industry, especially among those who follow or believe in the studio system,” says Rajeev.

Kunchacko Boban and Divyaprabha in Mahesh Narayanan's Ariyappu.  Kunchacko Boban and Mahesh are the co-producers of the film.

Mahesh Narayanan’s Kunchacko Boban and Divya Prabha arippu, Kunchacko Boban and Mahesh are the co-producers of the film. , Photo Credit: KU Vaishak

Broadly agreeing with Rajiv is editor-director Mahesh Narayanan, whose latest film arippupremiered in the competition section of the Locarno Film Festival. Incidentally, the film’s co-producers include its lead actors Kunchacko Boban and Mahesh.

Mahesh feels that if the producer also helps in promoting the film, it helps the film. “Aamir Khan is the best creative producer I can think of. Fine Would not have been made that way if not for him. A producer like him was needed to market the film and convince people that it was a film to support. Having such a producer helps the director,” says Mahesh.

a leading

In Malayalam cinema, the veteran Madhu was perhaps one of the first actors to start his own production house and studio, Uma Studio, and directed 12 films, most of which were produced by him. He also produced about 15 films and acted in many of them. A pioneer, Madhu took the path less traveled and proved that actor-directors can also be capable producers.

In the past, entrepreneurs like K Ravindran Nair had backed avant-garde directors who became international names – Adoor Gopalakrishnan and G Aravindan. But such manufacturers are currently rare; Many indie directors rely on crowdfunding or actors willing to step out of their comfort zones.

sanal kumar sasidharan KayattamA surrealist film, produced by Manju Warrier who played the protagonist.

pushing the envelope

Syam points out that actors who want to experiment and avoid being stereotyped are happy to invest their money in films that give them a chance to prove their mettle. He says that being a part of a production house has its advantages and disadvantages. “Since we are spending from our own pocket, we can tell stories that appeal to us and are not driven by market compulsions. I’ve heard that in the past, producers would resent directors pursuing experimental subjects and narratives because they were worried they would lose their money; That was a burden on the director,” he explains.

Film stories say that even a director like Padmarajan was under pressure to convert the denouement of the cult classic, the Mohanlal-Shari-starrer. Namukku Parakkan Munthirithoppukal (1986), which featured the main characters persevering in their relationship after the woman is raped.

Maybe to avoid this financial mess, Mammootty, Mohanlal, director IV Sasi, his wife and actor, Seema, and MC Philip aka Century Kochumon formed a production house, Casino, during the eighties. Did. all time hits like Nadodikattu, Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street,adiozhukkukal And karimbinpoovinakkare were produced under the banner of the casino.

for the love of cinema
Mohanlal, Maniyanpillai Raju, Manju Warrier, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Kunchacko Boban, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Dulquer Salmaan, Amala Paul and Jayasuriya are some of the actors and Amaal Neerad, Anwar Rasheed, Lal, Ranjith Shankar and Martin Prakat. Director who has also ventured into film production.
Santosh Sivan and Rajeev Ravi are also producers or collectively make films.

Over the past decade, many such creative collaborations have taken Malayalam cinema to new heights.

Nevertheless, editor-curator Beena Paul says that a creative producer definitely helps open up new avenues for a film. “A creative producer is not Mr. Moneybagg, but he helps raise funds for a film and shape it well. At present, I do not know anyone who holds the title of ‘creative producer’ in Malayalam cinema. But from what I have seen, many of our producers are creative producers themselves.”

Mahesh feels that if there is a delay due to bureaucratic hurdles in greenlighting a script and going into the shooting phase, it is best to avoid such titles. He elaborates: “One of the advantages of Malayalam cinema is the speed with which we move from a script to the shooting stage. The director, screenwriter or writer and producer can sit down together and make decisions quickly. It is financially sound and helps in completing the film quickly.

Joju George with Anjali in Eratta.  JoJu is one of the producers of the film along with director Martin Prakket.

Joju George with Anjali in Eratta. JoJu along with director Martin Prakkt is one of the producers of the film Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Nevertheless, Syam admitted that Bhavana Studios faced initial problems in garnering marketing and publicity for their debut film, Kumbalangi Nights, “We are in the learning curve and now have a system in place to market our films. A creative producer can ease the burden for the director and writer. However, our aim is not to make films keeping only the market in mind. We have stories to tell and share with the audience.”

Kumbalangi Nights was produced by actor-couple Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazim, director-actor Dilish Pothan and filmmaker Shyam Pushkaran.

Kumbalangi Nights It was produced by actor-couple Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazim, director-actor Dilish Pothan and filmmaker Syam Pushkaran. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Mahesh also says that a creative producer who is familiar with filmmaking can help ease the tension of the director who can focus on making the film.

Rajeev claims that some may see such creative producers as helping a film but “on my sets, I will be the sole creative producer!”

Meanwhile, some of the most awaited films of 2023 have been produced by the actors and technicians themselves. Lijo’s Mohanlal-starrer Malaikottai Valiban Actor and funded by Lizzo; Director Aashiq Abu is investing money for her Nilavelicham; Mammootty-starrer Bilal Director Amal Nirad is on board as producer; Blessy’s masterpiece aajujivithamstarring Prithviraj, has the director as a producer; dulquer salman king of the room Bankrolled by his production house, while the Mammootty-Jyothika film, Kathal – CoreDirected by Jio Baby, the actor is produced by the Mammootty Company, which previously produced him rorschach,


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