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Latest research from Kagool reveals senior IT leaders have major concerns on their SAP S/4 data migration journey

The latest research from Kagool reveals the concerns senior IT leaders have over their SAP S/4 data migration. The main concerns are data quality, data strategy, complexity of the data landscape, and data governance.

Data migration is often fraught with issues, complications and delays, causing projects to run massively overbudget. According to Gartner, 83% of data migrations fail or exceed their allotted budget and schedule.

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Kagool Logo

A particular issue is how late into the delivery cycle data migration problems are – many programs get unstuck at the User Acceptance Testing phase, which is often too late to fix in time for the planned Go Live date.

Kagool’s Group CEO Dan Barlow explains, “Programs appear as green throughout delivery and quickly turn red without enough time to defend, and it’s typically one million dollars for program delays.” Comes with a pound bill!”

Dan has seen many FTSE250 companies call-in to Kagool for a data migration health check and rescue mission, as their transformation programs have caused major problems with too late delivery.

SAP support for ECC ends in 2027. Organizations need to think about their migration to S/4 HANA right away.

Kagool, a consultancy of SAP data professionals, is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 28, for CIOs, CTOs and data managers on their data management journey to S/4 HANA to avoid key pitfalls resulting from program failures and delays. can be guided. The webinar brings together the best and brightest SAP data experts from Kagool and discusses common data migration and data management challenges and ways to solve them. Kagool will take an in-depth look at people, processes and tooling as critical drivers of success and contributors to failure.

Kagool data experts Sean Warner, Head of Data Management/Business Change, and Lawrence Winnicombe, Principal Data Consultant, will host the webinar, among other experts.

Lawrence has 10+ years in manufacturing and consulting, leading multiple enterprise SAP data initiatives enabling business growth. Sean has over 20 years of experience leading business and data transformation programs supporting data transformation journeys across multiple industries including manufacturing and automotive.

Lawrence highlights, “System integrators will only look to support the loading of data into the target system, leaving the extraction, transformation, validation and E2E reconciliation to the business who will need the tooling, methods to support such a complex requirement.” and are not equipped with governance. . Also the lack of a complete and comprehensive Preload Cross Object Data Integrity Validation process is a major cause of the surprises, delays, and unpredictability affecting many programs. CIOs and program directors do not recognize that data How much risk and dependency the program creates on the migration/MDM workstream.”

The Data Migration Webinar explores Kagool’s approach to avoiding the pitfalls that cause major delays in data migration programs. By having the right people, processes, and tooling in place at the beginning of an SAP migration, organizations can ensure a smooth program while avoiding a data migration rescue mission.

Joe Elliott MBE will also join as a guest speaker to deliver insights from his significant executive expertise, based on his roles in the automotive industry and within football clubs. Who has been a key part of Coventry City Football Club. In 2014, Jo was awarded an MBE for her ‘services to museums’.

To learn more and to register for the free webinar on Tuesday 28 March, 12-1pm BST, visit –

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