Karnataka Congress MLA Anand Nyamagouda threatens police sub-inspector on camera

Karnataka Congress MLA Anand Nyamagouda is seen abusing and threatening a sub-inspector


A Congress MLA in Karnataka was caught on camera abusing and threatening a police officer, leaving the party in a state of embarrassment ahead of the state assembly elections just a few months away.

Congress MLA Anand Nyamagouda reportedly got upset after a sub-inspector requested him not to do civic work citing potential law and order problems at the planned Maulana Abdul Circle in Karnataka’s Belagavi district, which may also take a communal turn. Could have

Mr. Nyamagouda, furious at the suggestion, lashed out at the sub-inspector. In a mobile video, the Congress MLA is seen pointing a finger at the policeman and telling him that the party will punish him if voted to power. Karnataka currently has a BJP government.

Nimgowda, surrounded by his supporters, can be heard telling the sub-inspector, “I know you (BJP) have the support of the government, but we will not leave you when we (Congress) come to power.”

The Karnataka BJP is banking on the personal hold of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as its state leaders in their respective constituencies to return to power.

PM Modi, who has visited Karnataka six times this year so far, is expected to visit the state twice this month. He is expected to address a big rally in Davanagere on March 25, which will culminate in four Vijay Sankalp rallies. Before that, on March 19 or 21, there may be a tour of the state for government programs.

The BJP suffered a jolt last month when HD Thammaiah, a Lingayat leader and a close confidante of the party’s national general secretary CT Ravi, resigned as a primary member of the BJP and joined the Congress. This led to speculations that the ruling party was facing discontent from leaders waiting for tickets.


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