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Industry-Leading Experts Announced for 2023 DSA Summit

Regulators from around the world are invited to share their knowledge and support the development of a connected gigabit world.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has announced a range of speakers from the public sector and industry bodies around the world ahead of the 2023 DSA Summit to be held on 27-28 March in Rio de Janeiro.

The upcoming summit will provide a platform for spectrum experts to share their latest practices and breakthroughs in spectrum sharing to support the growing demand for greater broadband network capacity, improved throughput and lower latency around the world, thereby To ensure affordable and reliable connectivity for all.

Along with DSA President Martha Suarez, confirmed speakers include Executive Superintendent of ANATEL Abraão Balbino, Executive Director of Telecommunications at INDOTEL Julisa Cruz Abreu, Managing Director of the Spectrum Management Authority Jamaica Maria Myers Hamilton and Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Kevin Robinson Are included.

“We are thrilled to welcome such an accomplished group of speakers to the 2023 DSA Summit,” said DSA President Martha Suarez. “Through their diverse expertise and insight, I have no doubt that we will find innovative solutions and strategies to help us address the growing demand for better connectivity around the world. I look forward to the valuable opportunities that will take place during this event. Looking forward to hearing discussions and collaborations.”

Balbino’s participation comes in the wake of ANATEL’s re-commitment to the full 6 GHz allocation for the spectrum, which was confirmed by the Brazilian regulator’s president, Carlos Begorri, at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month.

Invited speakers will cover a range of topics throughout the two-day event, including Wi-Fi technologies such as 6E and 7, dynamic spectrum access, the importance of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) for affordable broadband access, and more.

Other speakers announced include Ira Keltz, Deputy Chief of Engineering and Technology at the Federal Communications Commission, as well as Glenn Fallas, General Director of the Quality of Service and Spectrum Department at SUTEL Costa Rica.

“It’s an honor to be a part of this year’s DSA Summit,” said Glenn Fallas. “The event is a good place for regulators to talk with each other, share their knowledge and stay in touch with enterprises. This will allow regulators to not only learn the needs of the industry but also to come up with new ways to maximize the spectrum. It will also help in understanding.

To review the complete list of speakers attending the 2023 DSA Summit, please visit the DSA website.

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