Industrial parks will be started by joining hands with educational institutions: P Rajeev

Minister for Law, Industries and Coir P. Rajeev has said that industrial parks will be started in Kerala by utilizing the surplus space of various educational institutions.

The minister was inaugurating a district level investor meet jointly organized by the State Industries, Commerce Department and District Industries Center at Mattannur to discuss investment opportunities in Kannur.

The Minister said that priority will be given to industrial production of innovations made by educational incubators and start-ups in industrial parks.

He said that the children can work there after class. If there is work related to studies, then you can get credit for it.

The minister said that the first park in 20 acres of Mahatma Gandhi University is going to be implemented. He said that 38 colleges have approached the government.

The Minister said that North Kerala is the most potential place for industrial development. Basic facilities for this are available here. He said that space is also available at low cost. The first private industrial park in Kerala was sanctioned at Kannur. Eight private industrial parks have been approved in the state.

Mr. Rajeev said that without strengthening its industry, it would be difficult to maintain Kerala’s advantage.

He said that this government believes that trade unions are not recruitment agencies. Trade unions have the right to organize workers and stand up for their legal rights. But, the authority to decide who should work and who should be hired rests with the person running the organization.

The program was presided over by MLA KK Selja. Ramachandran Kadanpalli was the chief guest. District Panchayat President PP Divya and other public representatives participated in the ceremony.


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