How to reheat donuts perfectly? Baker Test Viral Hack, See What Happens

Donuts are such a delicious sweet indulgence. We all have our favorite types of donuts – chocolate, blueberry, cinnamon, hazelnut and others. We often buy boxes of donuts from stores and bakeries and enjoy them at home. Most donuts taste best when warm: The heat raises the glaze on top, melts the filling inside and softens the donuts themselves. People usually use a microwave or oven to reheat them. But what do you do if you don’t have these tools? Some people try using a pan or griddle – but this only heats the bottom of the doughnut. What’s more, the uneven heat sometimes causes the dessert to burn. But there’s a really clever hack you can use when reheating donuts on the griddle. Learn more below.
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How to Reheat Donuts Without a Microwave or Oven | How to reheat donuts on a griddle | How to Reheat Donuts Using the Stove

A viral hack to reheat donuts was recently put to the test by Shivesh Bhatia, a baker and food blogger. He posted a reel on his Instagram page (@shivesh17) which shows himself trying out this simple technique. In the video we see:

  • Baker holds a pan on the stovetop and places a chocolate-glazed donut in the center.
  • He then adds two ice cubes on either side of the donut. The ice cubes start cracking due to the heat.
  • The baker immediately seals the pan with a transparent lid.
  • The ice cubes melt and thicken the lid. The baker then pops out the doughnut, showing the molten glaze and warm interior to the audience.

Watch Shivesh Bhatia’s original reel below:

Why you should try this hack:

1. It keeps the donut moist and soft
In the comments, Shivesh noted, “I think the ice cubes make sure the donut doesn’t dry out when it’s hot.” We usually store donuts in the fridge, which makes them hard. The moisture from the ice cubes helps re-soften the doughnut. You may not get the same result if you use a microwave or oven.

2. It heats all parts of the donut
As mentioned earlier, heating donuts regularly on a griddle can burn the bottom and cause the topping to harden. But this method melts the glaze and heats the entire donut to the core. However remember to use a proper non-stick pan.

3. You can even use it to reheat pizza!
In the comments, several people mentioned that they use a similar method to reheat pizza: All you have to do is place a pizza slice in the pan, place ice cubes on either side, and seal the lid. Give Voila! Your pizza slices will be piping hot – with the cheese completely melted. The logic behind this hack is similar to other hacks that went viral recently. Click here for full story.

Now you can buy and store donuts without worrying about reheating them at home!
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