How to choose the right rice for Biryani? here’s what to know

Can we imagine a balanced Indian meal without rice? no way. Rice is an integral part of the culinary scene in the country. Apart from satisfying our rumbling stomachs, a portion of rice every day makes our diet look complete. Above all, the added benefit is that rice is extremely versatile. You can either boil it and eat it in the normal way, or you can also grind the rice to make rice flour and then, use it to make various dishes. Being hardcore foodies, we cannot imagine our life without some epic food combinations like rice team, rice and beans, Curried RiceOr even curd rice which gives the mantra of enjoyment.

Now that we are talking about rice, how can we miss the mouth-watering biryani or pulao? Many people like to make biryani at home and treat their family members. however, sometimes, the rice turns sticky which spoils the overall texture and taste of the biryani. Have you ever come across this problem? Well, now you do not have to worry as we have some solutions in this regard. To deal with this problem, you should know how to choose the right rice for biryani or pulao. So, be very selective when you are going to buy rice for biryani.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying rice for biryani:

1) Remember you need old rice to make good biryani or pulao. Now, the grain has to be over a year old.

2) Rice suitable for Biryani should be light yellow in colour. When you take some portion of that rice and try to feel its texture, you will find a powdery substance sticking to it.

3) You can try another hack as well. Take some rice in your hands and grind them between your teeth. If this rice sticks between your teeth, it is a sign that it is good quality rice. But if the rice is not sticking then it is old rice and is a good option for making biryani and pulao.

4) Generally people prefer long grain basmati rice for biryani or pulao. This is because basmati rice is known for its distinctive aroma, delicate flavor and fluffy texture.

Are you craving Biryani now? Now that you know how to choose a suitable rice for biryani, here are some recipes that will help you make scrumptious biryani at home. You can choose anything from the list. Click here.


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