Gujarat Police busted 58,000 fake online accounts offering ‘very good’ deals. ahmedabad news

AHMEDABAD: Lured by an iPhone being offered at one-sixth of its current price or a year-old two-wheeler being sold for an astonishing Rs 7,000? Well, if the offer is too good to believe, don’t believe it. This is most likely a cyber scammer offering a tempting deal to lure you in, steal your financial information, and swindle you out of your hard earned money.
gujarat police Cyber ​​fraudsters were cracked down on two popular online marketplaces used to dupe people in the state and over 58,000 fake accounts were blocked.
CID crime officials say some cyber criminals usually pose as army men selling vehicles, while others impersonate local businessmen selling clothes, jewelry and used or second-hand equipment at unbelievable prices.
“Our team at the cyber forensics and prevention unit has closed 58,435 fraudulent accounts operating within 500 km radius in Gujarat in the last 21 months.” Manish BhankariaAn Inspector with Cyber ​​Crime Wing Gujarat CID Crime Department, The authorities are closing around 92 such accounts daily from May 2021.
43,954 IDs removed from a market site
The Cyber ​​Crime Unit recommended and successfully removed 43,954 fake accounts on a popular online market site. On another site linked to the social media website, the unit successfully closed 14,481 accounts. “The fraudster posing as the seller sends an online ‘spy link’ via SMS to the buyer asking them to send a token of Rs 1 or Rs 10 to ensure there is no problem between the accounts, says Bhankaria. needed. However, instead of sending requests for deposits, they send withdrawal requests.
Unsuspecting shoppers click on it and enter their UPI PIN or scan a code, giving their financial information to the fraudster who drained the account. He adds, “Initially, the miscreants posed as army men selling furniture bought from the defense canteen. Then they started presenting themselves as sellers of refurbished products.” DYSP CID Crime (Cyber ​​Crime) BM Tank says, “Online market sites have been active in helping them as these fake sellers or buyers affect their brand and credibility.” But how to identify a fake seller?
The practice, says Bhankaria, involves opening individual profiles on online marketplaces and tracking each post with its images. “The first sign of a fake seller is the burnt images with the seller’s mobile numbers. If someone starts a reverse search of these images through Google, the seller would have posted similar images on different sites with different offers,” says Bhankaria. Every day by 7 pm, the cybercrime division searches online marketplaces Sends a detailed list of mobile numbers and fake accounts and asks them to delete these in 15-20 minutes.Proactive approach has proved fruitful.


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