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Felica Lounge offers a complete lifestyle experience for pets including a dedicated treadmill and swimming pool

Dogs Day Out at Felica

Dogs Day Out at Felica | photo credit: special arrangement

Why should humans have all the fun? Dog lover Kiran Kumar from Hyderabad. Kay believes that pets should get their share too, so she started Felica, a lounge where pets can shop, eat, get groomed, exercise, or swim. Can just relax in the grass. The Cafe is a place where your feathered, furry and pawed friends can do it all in a friendly, clean and safe environment.

Kiran, the owner of Felica Lounge, is a dog-lover who is familiar with the limitations pet parents face when out and about with their pets. Some pet parents don’t like to leave their fur babies at home when they go out, but most restaurants do not welcome pets. “Even if they do, they cannot move freely. I wanted to create a space where pawed friends could be off-leash, have the option of food and most importantly run and play in natural grass.

Built in 2850 square yards, Felica has been designed keeping dogs in mind. It has a pebbled parking lot, high boundary walls and a pet entrance that is ‘pull only’ from inside – to ensure it can’t escape – and pet-friendly seating. When pets pee and poop, a designated person cleans up right after them. A favorite spot for all dogs here seems to be the doggy pool where they – even pups who are afraid of water – are taught to swim with the help of assistants.

Or if you think they might want to work out, there’s also a treadmill.

Swimming options for dogs at Felica

Swimming option for dogs at Felica | photo credit: special arrangement

The grooming team ensures that the grooming area is cleaned and washed before the next client walks in.

Felica is truly a lounge where you can relax and unwind with your pet, as they set up breed-specific meetups and pool parties and even arrange birthday parties for your dog.

outdoor seating area at Felica

Outdoor seating area at Felica | photo credit: special arrangement

Meet-ups help pet parents set up playdates and furries socialize. The menu for dogs has a choice of kibbles or cooked food with meat and vegetables. Felica host breed (dog) meets, pet care experts talk nutrition and grooming, pool parties for dogs, etc. Every week.

Meanwhile, humans don’t need to feel neglected. Felica’s also has a great menu which includes burgers, pasta, sandwiches and rolls for them.


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