Feeling bloated after eating? 5 nutritionist-approved drinks that can help

Do you feel uncomfortable after meals? Do you feel bloated or gassy after eating? Maintaining gut health can be difficult at times. In our fast-paced lives, we struggle to stick to a healthy diet. Even if we do, we often do not eat on time or we forget to chew our food properly. As a result, digestive problems develop. Stomach problems not only make us uncomfortable, but they can also lead to other health problems in the long run. So what can we do? One effective solution is trying a digestive concoction. These sound complicated, but you can actually use everyday ingredients to make them.

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In a recent Instagram reel, dietician Manpreet Kalra shared 5 ‘drinks’ that can help reduce bloating after meals. All concoctions are water based. You can easily make them at home and keep them handy even when you go out. The nutritionist also explains the health benefits of the main ingredients. Here is the list of drinks:

How to reduce gas after eating? 5 drinks to reduce bloating by dietician Manpreet

1. Cumin and Ajwain Water

Health benefits of cumin and ajwain water: According to Manpreet, this mixture contains compounds that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. It also contains thymol, which helps reduce inflammation. Both ajwain and cumin have long been used to treat indigestion and acid reflux. These mango seeds are loaded with dietary fiber and have many other health benefits as well.
how to make: Add 1/4th tsp cumin and 1/4th tsp ajwain in a glass of warm water.


2. Fennel water

Health benefits of fennel water: Likewise, this drink contains thymol and helps stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. Fennel is believed to help reduce inflammation in your digestive tract. It also helps in relieving nausea and preventing constipation (due to its fiber content).
how to make: Take a few spoons of aniseed and grind them to make a powder. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of this powder in a glass of warm water and feel the difference in your gut!


3. Lemonade with rock salt

Health benefits of lemon water with rock salt: The citric acid in this mixture stimulates the production of digestive enzymes. This drink alkalizes the body and reduces inflammation. Rock salt or rock salt is often used as part of the treatment for intestinal infections and abdominal pain.
how to make: Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt in a glass of warm water.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar with Water

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar with water: This combination helps balance the pH of the stomach and improves digestion due to its alkaline properties, says Manpreet. (However, note that vinegar is acidic in nature. Hence, consuming it in excess or in the wrong way can lead to complications. It is advised to consult your doctor to decide what you need. )
how to make: Simply mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water.

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5. Decoction of mint leaves

Health benefits of decoction of mint leaves: This drink relaxes the abdominal muscles and improves bile flow, thus preventing gas and bloating. Mint contains menthol, which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are great for gut health.
how to make: Chop some mint leaves and add 1 teaspoon of them to a glass of warm water.
Watch Manpreet’s original reel below:

Keep this list in mind and try to consume these decoctions regularly. You’ll see the difference for yourself.
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Disclaimer: This content provides general information only including advice. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your own physician for more details. NDTV does not take responsibility for this information.

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