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Daniel Sloss in India: The Art of Dark Humor

You know you’re attending a Daniel Sloss show before you even see the comedian, you hear him swear as he greets the audience from backstage. But the audience present doesn’t mind. Really, they’re here for Sloss’s no-filter, no-holds-barred jokes and attitude, and he gets just that in his 90-minute set. can’t, produced by BookMyShow. As part of the India tour, Sloss is visiting Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, marking his last stop at the Laughing Dead Comedy Festival.

Fun fact: If you change one letter in the title of his show, you’ll find out one of Sloss’ best expletives. And he spares no one in his set as he showers this and many more such love on everyone.

The 32-year-old comedian is Scottish, so expect to be the target of many a wisecrack for the neighboring Brits. But which Indian in the audience is complaining, especially when Sloss himself takes a jibe at the colonial country’s history? Desi people are also mocked, especially Bengaluru’s desire to do the classic Indian nod and drive like we believe in reincarnation. conservative? Yes. objections? No, especially not when Sloss delivers them in his own unique style and keeps reminding the audience how happy he is in India.

In an Instagram AMA (Ask Me Anything) ahead of her show, Sloss explained how special her Netflix jigsaw, which was released in 2018, got the love of Indians. Since then plans to perform here were on the cards and finally materialized after almost six years. Those tickets sold out almost immediately, and the audience’s rapturous cheering every time Sloss made a throwback reference to his old specials is testament to his popularity here.

His brand of humor, at times black on the spectrum of dark, may not be for everyone. In the past, there have been jokes about sexual assault, disability, toxic relationships, abusive relationships, and more. some may take offense and sloss addresses it can’tExplaining how empathy is the difference between hurting someone and hate speech.

There is also talk about how comedians now feel that they cannot joke about everything (Indian comedians know this very well). Sloss begins a conversation with the audience, curious about whether he thinks a cancellation culture exists in India, and whether society is becoming more sensitive.

And this is one of the many places where the show shines; The audience is not getting the benefit of just a few well-performed sketches and jokes. This segment, and the introspection Sloss weaves into it, might make any comedian think twice the next time they’re pulled for a joke. The sloth makes you laugh, but you go back home thoughtfully, perhaps more about this than anything else.

The comedian started out at 17, but he’s not the same person he was back then. He admits that he has mellowed down now, especially after the birth of his one-year-old child in 2022. This is evident in his jokes as well, says Ekasmayee Naresh, a PhD student present on the show.

“Daniel Sloss is known for his dark humor. his past work jigsaw And X They were sharp and biting. Here, the bite was replaced with something lovely,” she says.

Case in point: There are plenty of jokes on fatherhood and the birthing process, and the glimpse fans got to see Sloss as a father.

‘It was wholesome and you don’t expect it when you go to his shows,’ says Naresh.

Kai Humphreys made an early act before Sloss’s 90-minute set-up, effectively moving the ball. The audience’s laughter echoed through the end of the night, breaking into loud cheers when Sloss announced he would be back again this year before signing off. And from the sounds of it, fans can’t wait!


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