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Crucial weeks ahead for Atiq Ahmed and his clan lucknow news

Lucknow: The coming week is going to be very important for the jailed mafia-turned-politician. ateek Ahmed And as his clan he has five cases in different courts. One case is involved in Supreme Court, two in MP/MLA Court of Prayagraj and one in CJM Court. Prayagraj and one in CBI Court, Lucknow.
The case in the Supreme Court (date not specified) is regarding protection from being sent back to UP from Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad, where Ateeq is currently lodged.
In another case, the Chief Justice of Prayagraj has directed the SHO of Dhumanganj to submit his report in response to the application of Atiq’s wife. Shaista Parveenabout the whereabouts of his two minor sons, and will hear the matter on March 20.
Prayagraj’s MP/MLA court will hear on March 21 the anticipatory bail plea of ​​Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen in the case of lawyer and 2005 BSP MLA witness. Umesh Pal Murder case. Similarly, the MP/MLA court will hear the petition of Atiq’s brother and former jailed MLA Khalid Azim alias on March 22. mo ashrafUmesh Pal is also an accused in the murder case.
Ashraf has requested the court that due to security reasons, the proceedings of remand etc. should be done through video conferencing. The main witness of the BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case will be cross-examined in the CBI court in Lucknow on March 23. The CBI has filed a charge sheet against Atiq and his brother.


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