Car of my dreams: Pastry chef makes chocolate electric car, internet is in awe

Amaury Guichon is known online for his life-like creations made of chocolate. His Instagram page is filled with photos and videos of him designing everything from edible robots to entire foosball tables—using only chocolate. His other creations include a 7-foot-tall Statue of Liberty, an 8-foot-tall dinosaur, and even a chocolate motorcycle. (Click here for more information). The French-Swiss chef is also the host of the reality competition show ‘The School of Chocolate’. Guichon’s mastery of the material cannot be denied! Recently a video of him making a “Chocolate Electric Car” has gone viral. This Instagram reel shows the step-by-step process behind his latest masterpiece of edible art.

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In the video, we see Guichon sketching part of a car’s design on paper. He then traces the design onto a layer of flattened chocolate. He carefully cuts and assembles the different parts of the car. He adds intricate details to make the sculpture look as lifelike as possible. Then he spray-paints it white-silver. He goes on to craft wheels for the car—completely out of chocolate, of course. He even adds spokes to the wheels and matches their colour! Watch the full reel below:

The post has so far garnered 6.2M views and 541K likes. Netizens were once again stunned by his skills. The comments started pouring in, praising his creation and marveling at his attention to detail. “Now that’s a sweet ride!” – was a scathing comment from the official handle of Hyundai USA. Another person asked, “Are you the guy who got the chocolate factory from Willy Wonka?” See how other people reacted:

“The only electric car I’ll ever buy.”
“Every new car design should be in chocolate! Whatever design they choose, something good comes out of unused designs!”
“You never cease to amaze us.”
“Should’ve kept the trunk open and served up all kinds of treats lol.”
“Another level. I wanted to see it roll!”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a way to move this chocolate car with a chocolate remote control!”
“Can you make yourself the next @amauryguichon?”

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What do you think of Guichon’s latest creation? Let us know in the comments below.

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