C-20 summit in Tirupati stresses on identifying signs of unity

Swami Mitranand, National Coordinator of Chinmaya Mission C-20, at the National Conference on 'Spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' held in Tirupati on Sunday, Vice Chancellor of SV University, K.K.  Honoring Raja Reddy.  Pro Chancellor of Chinmatya Vishwa Vidyapeeth Pasala Girvani is also seen.

National Coordinator of Chinmaya Mission C-20, Vice Chancellor of Swami Mitranand SV University K. Raja Reddy being felicitated at the National Conference on ‘Spirit of the Soul’ The whole world is a family‘, was held in Tirupati on Sunday. Pro Chancellor of Chinmatya Vishwa Vidyapeeth Pasala Girvani is also seen.

C-20 National Conference on ‘Spirit of The whole world is a family’ on Sunday stressed the need to appreciate the differences among living beings and identify common traits of unity to make the world a better place.

The event was organized by the C-20, a civil society representative led by the Chinmaya Mission, as a prelude to the G-20 summit. education specialist; Ecology and Environment; media and entertainment; And religion took steps to achieve the universal goal of making the world one extended family.

SV University Vice Chancellor K. Raja Reddy recalled how essential unity serves as the cornerstone of Indian civilization, underlining the principle of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’. He said that man has been ignoring the eternal truth that the universe is inherently interconnected and called for strategies to look at the world holistically beyond narrow considerations such as caste, religion, race, species etc. National Coordinator of C-20 Swami Mitranand threw light on the theme of the conference.

N Jayasankaran, former vice-chancellor of SCSVMV Kanchi University, quoted Adisankara as saying that he saw equality in all living beings. Gadde Bhuvaneshwari Lakshmi, an academic at the University of Hyderabad, called education as setting the stage for achieving unity.

Renowned educationist and researcher S. Jilani pointed out how humans failed to keep pace with nature, unlike other creatures living in grassland, desert and marine ecosystems. Sarchchandra Lele, a distinguished fellow at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), wanted active steps for eco-conservation beyond symbolic gestures like taking oaths or raising slogans.

Ethnomusicologist Diwakar Subramaniam, who handled the music for the hit film Rocketry – The Nambi Effect, sought pluralistic music education to achieve unity in thought process, besides suggesting musicians to engage actively with the community. Journalist Rangarajan Atti made a presentation on overcoming hatred in media to bring people together.

Rani Sadashiv Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of SV Vedic University, spoke on Kashyap, the source of universal brotherhood. Swamini Seelananda, the head of Chinmayaranyam, described religion as the supreme means of ‘self-perfection’.


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