Boba-Licious Delights: 5 Must-See Bubble Tea Places In Delhi

Are you a tea lover looking for something new and exciting? Have you heard of bubble tea? It’s a Taiwanese drink that’s taking the world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why! Bubble tea is a fun and refreshing drink that combines tea, milk, fruit and chewable tapioca pearls. If you’re wondering what tapioca pearls are, think of them as little bubbles that burst with flavor in your mouth! These pearls add a unique texture to the drink that makes it unlike anything else you’ve tasted. Now, if you are wondering where can you get bubble tea? Fret not, Delhi has got you covered! Here are five places where you can sample this delicious drink.

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Here are the 5 best places to enjoy delicious bubble tea in Delhi:

1. got tea

Got Tea is a popular cafe that offers budget-friendly boba teas with a variety of flavors. Choose from a variety of drinks such as Caramel Brown, Ivory Silk and Peachy Oolong.

Location: Safdarjung Enclave, GK II and Gurgaon

2. Green Neko

Located in Safdarjung Market, Green Neco offers an extensive menu of bubble tea flavors including Strawberry Boba, Caramel Boba and Fruit-popping Boba Chai. They also serve delicious bubble waffles and poke bowls.

Location: Safdarjung Market

3. Tea Bear

Tea Bear is a beautifully designed bubble tea cafe located in GK 1, M Block Market. Enjoy their signature flavors of bubble tea like Red Velvet, Matcha, Chocolate and Coffee.

Location: GK 1, M Block Market

4. Cha Bar

Cha Bar is a cafe where you can sit and work while enjoying your bubble tea. Their bubble tea menu offers a variety of options, including green apple, milk tea, and raspberry flavors.

Location: CP, Satyaniketan, Kamla Nagar and other outlets

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5. Mr. Choy

Mr. Choy, located in the famous Khan Market, is a casual dining restaurant that serves delicious Asian cuisine, including bubble tea flavors such as almond milk, green tea, and mango.

Location: Khan Bazar

These cafes are a must visit for all bubble tea lovers. With a variety of flavors and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect match. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!


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