4 best Delhi markets to buy fresh meat

If you like to cook your favorite non-vegetarian food yourself, you would want to get the best meat for the same. Juicy chicken tikkas, succulent mutton kebabs and soft fish fillets can be made and enjoyed only with quality raw meats. Even in this age of online food ordering and delivery, there are people who are particular about what they cook with and they will not be satisfied with anything less. And you’ll find these people still flocking to neighborhood meat shops and butcher shops to get their original ingredients after a thorough inspection. If you count yourself among these enthusiastic cooks, you should know the places near you to get the best meat.

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Here are the 4 best markets in Delhi to buy fresh meat:

ina market

The Indian National Airways Market or INA Market is called the ‘Food Market’ of Delhi. You get everything here – from seafood to pork, bacon and mutton. The plus point is that you can pick up all the spices (even the rare ones) and other ingredients to cook your dish. This market is also known for selling imported food items and ingredients. In fact, you will even find shopkeepers conversing in international languages ​​to deal with the foreign customers who frequent this market. Janta Meat Shop, Azad Meat Shop and Halal Mutton and Chicken Shops are some of the popular shops here.


ina market
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Nizamuddin Meat Market

There’s something about freshly butchered meat that only those who cook with it know. If it’s the old-fashioned butcher shops that invite you to source your raw meat, Nizamuddin Market is the place to go. With all kinds of fresh meat on display at every shop, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. Don’t be surprised to see meat on scraps outside some shops; It is an old world attraction of Old Delhi.

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Ghazipur Meat Market

Ghazipur Meat Market, also known as Ghazipur Murga Mandi and even Ganga Jamuna Poultry Market, is a one-stop shop for all your needs for delicious non-vegetarian food. It is located on the outskirts of Delhi bordering Ghaziabad. The meat here is of good quality and cheap. It is said that the best chicken is available here. So, if you are into cooking chicken based dishes, you now know where to go.

CR Park Market

The smell of fresh fish overwhelms your senses as soon as you step into the main market of Chittaranjan Park. While there is a whole variety of fish to cater to the predominantly Bengali population of the area, you also find other seafood like prawns. So, if you’re a fan of seafood, CR Park is the place to go for the fresh-out-of-water catch.

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A good cook always takes into account the cost of the raw materials used in his cooking. They just need to know the right places to get it.


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