11 year old boy left tiffin in school, what happened next will melt your heart

School days were indeed one of the most memorable parts of our lives. We miss the good old days when the only concern during tiffin break was what to eat. Sometimes we used to finish our tiffin even before the lunch break started! If you can relate to this, then you will definitely love this cute story that we have got. Recently, a Twitter user shared an endearing story about his 11-year-old son who accidentally dropped his tiffin at school. What happened next will melt your heart! To keep an eye:

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The post was shared on Twitter by user @JamwalNidhi, where it has been viewed over 90,000 times and garnered nearly 2,000 likes. In the tweet, he narrated how he had packed his son’s favorite schezwan rice in his tiffin box and accidentally the whole box fell down. He wrote, “During the short break, the 11-yo’s tiffin box fell down and the entire schezwan rice (his favourite) was on the floor. He had tears in his eyes.” However, her classmates took immediate action. “All the classmates immediately surrounded her with their tiffin boxes. One student insisted on offering her snack coupons. Kids will fix this world,” she concluded.

The boy’s classmates’ heartwarming and adorable gesture has won over the internet. Several Twitter users reacted to the anecdote, calling it the ‘best tweet you’ll read today’. One user said, “This is the most heartbreaking thing today.” Another user wrote, “The first line made my heart skip a beat. The second line was heartbreaking and the rest was just beautiful.”

Have a look at the reactions on the sweet story:

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Have you ever heard similar stories from your kids or your school days? Tell us in the comments.

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